1. Kinabukasan (Sampaguita Cover)
  2. I'm Waiting for Manananggal
  3. Drinking Lake Biwa
  4. Brother's Brother
  5. West Side of Pacific
  6. Super Express Goes to Kokura
  7. Dance Without the Music (Yeng Constantino Cover)
  8. Wind (Kim Jung Mi Cover)
  9. Death Bone
  10. God's black goat
  11. Only us smoke tobacco in this town (Demo)
  12. Let me say my explanation -Budots Study-
  13. I'm Wating for Manananggal (Instrumental)
  14. I'm Wating for Manananggal (Demo Version)
  15. Death Bone (Instrumental)
  16. Death Bone (Previous Version)

So-Itchy is known as engineer for Rocket Son, King Brothers, 25m Floater, Douglas and etc...
Also guitarist of The Young Pennsylvanians.
Philippine faith healer researcher.

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iTunes Store • オルタナティブ トップアルバム • 日本 • 6位 • 2020年2月28日


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