cross border symphony

  1. Case: F
  2. cross border symphony (Instrumental)
  3. transit waiting for five hours
  4. Lonely Clown Anthony
  5. Atataka na Yudan
  6. Like a Darjeeling tea
  7. Last Seven Stars
  8. No. 11
  9. From a Hill in Chenonceaux
  10. Hydrangea

"cross border" means activities across a border between countries. This album contains a number of songs Takuya Tosa wrote during his stay in France, and has opened up a new field for him. The songs produced in the belief that "Life is a Journey" will take listeners to a soul journey. Please listen for all the details of this outstanding work.

Takuya Tosa

Takuya Tosa is a gifted Japanese singer/songwriter. Tosa has been acting energetically and widely in Japan. Around the country he does concerts, performs live shows and holds musical events. Moreover he has composed incidental music in a play and hosted a radio show. Tosa's one and only singing voice resonates with men and women of all ages. He has a reputation for being a talented live performer, and his performance always intoxicates the audience. Tosa holds his own vocal philosophy. Singing against the degree of emotions, Tosa expresses activeness in delicacy while he describes exclamation in silence.

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