last milk Front Cover


rem (2020 Remastered Version)


君がいれば 他に何も


聞こえている 君の声が


遠くなる 僕の意識が見る


君は 言葉無く歩いて

誰よりも 幸せに笑った

そう、遥か 古の街角

石畳  山に桜が咲き

悲しみは ここにない



嘘なんだ 君は夢に出ない


何年も 経ったけど わからない

壮大で とても扱えない

  • Composer

    Keiichiro Nemoto

  • Lyricist

    Keiichiro Nemoto

last milk Front Cover

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    Lemmon (2020 Remastered Version)


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    dot (2020 Remastered Version)


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    rem (2020 Remastered Version)


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    Kaede (2020 Remastered Version)


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    Un bijou (2020 Remastered Version)


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    dawn, one day (2020 Remastered Version)


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    Early Summer Rain (last milk ver.)


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    A Speedless Room (2020 Remastered Version)


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    Towards clear sky


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    I know I'm alone (2020 Remastered Version)


A new kind of rock,
bias's long-awaited 1st album

Where am I?

Flying through an imaginary world today. Immersive, like a game.
Sentimental, majestic and nostalgic.
Soul-stirring sound assault, concentrated fire.
Decadence, euphoria, a mysterious and cozy dizziness.
A heartbreaking monologue and cruel white.
Welcome to the sparkling music world that makes your sense of reality jump.
Eleven songs to travel by ear.

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rem (2020 Remastered Version)

Deezer • Country top charts • Japan • TOP 37 • 24 Jul 2021

Artist Profile

  • bias

    "bias" is the solo project by singer-songwriter, Keiichiro Nemoto who does almost all artistic activities by himself, including vocals, lyrics, composition, arrangement, mixing, playing instruments, artwork and music video etc. 1st album "last milk" which was released in 2020 reached #45 on the iTunes alternative charts in Japan. These songs got #1 on Deezer Top Japan, "lily", "dawn, one day", "Towards clear sky", "After that the flower bloomed", "not for good", "Steam Whistle", "In the shine". In his previous band, Pink The Shell, he toured Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and had a one-man show, and their first mini album "Star Hill" made the charts. Later, as "Keiichiro Nemoto", he held many live performances with members from the classical field. At the same time, he formed a new rock unit called "Niji no dangan", which didn't hold rehearsals but used only a PC to complete songs around 2006-2008 and performed live in Okinawa as a prize for winning a popularity contest. The music of Niji no dangan has a beautiful soundscape like a movie and has been used in several movies, and their CD including 17 songs became popular in Europe. In response to The Great East Japan earthquake on 11th March 2011, he released "Peace" as Keiichiro Nemoto, which was produced by Sakana Hosomi with Mika Watanabe and Sugar Spector. It reached #30 on the iTunes alternative charts. All proceeds except for expenses and live performances related with this song was donated to the disaster area.

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