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I'm singing at Muryoku Muzenji again today

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I had no place to stay for a long time. I had no place to stay. Five years ago in the summer, I moved to Tokyo to pursue music. While singing alone, he searched for friends and started a band. But no matter where I went or who I met, I felt cramped and had to force myself to fit in. I reached my limit and quit the band in an attempt to escape. It was summer three years ago. I don't like being around people anymore. I tended to stay at home and started writing only dark songs. When I performed a song like that at the occasional live show, people looked at me as creepy. I felt that no one understood my songs. Even more, I started to withdraw. Towards the end of 2022, I found a store with a strange name on Kan Mikami's blog. It's a store called Muryoku Muzenji. Out of curiosity, I decided to go out just once. In February of the new year, I got off at Koenji Station. Walking under the dimly lit guard, I found a tattered brown sign. When I climbed the narrow, dirty stairs and opened the black door, I found the place I had been looking for. He heard about my misfortune. He heard my sadness. He heard my despair. That's why today, and from now on, I want to sing at Muryoku Muzenji forever.

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