CANDY BLUE / Cruise With Me

  2. Cruise With Me

2018年の結成以来、アルバムリリース、ワンマンライブなど精力的に活動を続け、2019年はコラボイヤーとして、カンバス、鈴木桃子、DJ OSSHY、岩井拳士朗、源藤アイリなど様々なコラボレーションでも話題となったシンガーソングライターユニット「アマネトリル」が、11月3日(日)に、7inch アナログシングル第二弾となる「CANDY BLUE / Cruise WIth Me」をリリース!

AORを中心にロック、ソウル、ジャズ・フュージョンに和製シティ・ポップスなど70~80年代ミュージックを包括する「Light Mellow」シリーズ監修の「金澤寿和」から好評価を受け、レコードストアデイのアイテムとして即完売した1st 7inchアナログシングル『Feeling You / Empty Dance-T-Groove remix-』に引き続き、世界的評価を受けるリミキサーの「T-Groove」がプロデュースを担当!海岸沿いに爽やかな風を吹かせる、この夏にぴったりの作品となっている。また、ジャケットデザインは、前作に続き、SOLEILのプロデューサー、ミュージシャン、デザイナーなど、幅広い活動を続ける「サリー久保田」によるもの。随所にこだわりの感じられるデザインも必見!9月13日(金)には、アナログリリースに先駆け、2曲同時の先行配信リリースも決定している。


"AMANE TRiLL" is a duo group formed in 2018 by Masahiro, who is a singer-songwriter with a multi entertainment skill such as a radio DJ, a composer and an event-producer, and Yujin, who graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA and came back to Tokyo after 7 years of a working musician in New York. AMANE TRiLL produces the sound that reminds you of airy music of the 70's and pop songs which are urban, yet somehow nostalgic with sophisticated arranges and intimate vocals. The name "AMANE TRiLL" is derived from the combination of the name of Japanese sake "AMANE", which is known to be music-sake, since it has been matured with music in its brewery, and a musical rendition of vibratory sounds "trill", for hoping to create music that vibrate people's hearts. After more than 10 years of their solo career, AMANE TRiLL has finished making their highly refined first album "Time Travel Music" in a half of the year of their formation and they will release on Friday November 30th, 2018. The album contains six songs with classic, yet, brand-new sounds, by merging the different musical backgrounds of Masahiro and Yujin, includes a characteristic urban mid-Ballard "DAIWA", "Narukotousen" a tune which is dedicated for Naruko Onsen (hot spring) where the music-sake "Amane" is produced and "Tu Tura Li Lat" featuring funky drums and groovy guitar rhythm. They recorded the album at the prestigious studio from the 70's called "Izu Studio" which is known for the recordings by artists such as Anzenchitai, Masayoshi Takanaka, RC Succession. You can feel the history from the vintage sounds of the album and, at the same time, it carries a memorable "beginning" of AMANE TRiLL.

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