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Boundary fence ~vol.1.~(cover)
<Fantasie c-moll by Spohr>[at OJI HALL ver.2020.2.6]

If harpists in our country says that I touch the colorful music activity of the executive ability... Yo Saito who has a keen interest and makes the matter said that which is necessary materialized that I'll stick to common sense of industry of the adventurous spirit and the existence which aren't scared to set foot on new territory and invent a new sense of values more, it's possible to find the virtue which lacks much of a classical music person.
It was the indispensable condition that a player creates for his musical instrument for a musician until the 19th century. However, many players don't tend not to write also to arrange on today when division of a composer and a player has been advanced. Saito does composition and arrangement aggressively, plays those on occasion and expresses the musical hobby for an audience in such.
(Excerpted from liner notes. by Motoiwa Yato)
Here, Yo Saito begins to produce "Boundary fence" single series in TuneCore.

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Boundary fence ~vol.1.~(cover)

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