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  • sae

    Born August 26, 1998, born in Tokyo, singer-songwriter playing guitar She heals the hearts of listeners with straight lyrics that are easy to convey, catchy melodies, and adorable singing voices that you will never forget once you hear them. I started playing her guitar when I was in the first year of high school. It is said that she was taught by her teacher after she first touched it in a music class. She started groping for her music, but in October 2018, she will bear fruit by selling her 1st album "Bloom" at Tower Records Shibuya's Tawakuru corner. The album won first place in the sales ranking for 5 consecutive weeks, and a long-selling commemorative in-store live was held in December of the same year. Furthermore, in March 2019, the Tower Records Shibuya store limited CD "Kimi ga itakara." Will be released. The one-man live from Reco held at Shibuya eggman on November 4th ended with a full thank you for the ticket sold out. She is an artist who is gaining momentum, releasing her first nationally distributed single "Strawberry" on November 4th.

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