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He is also the leader of "Table Beats," one of the leaders of the Japanese beat scene, and this is his latest work.
His aggressive and subtle sound is motivational music of the highest quality and will inspire all who hear it.

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Planet Butter

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  • Phennel Koliander

    Born in Kyoto, Japan. He is a beat maker belonging to WONK's label brand "EPISTROPH" in Japan. Influenced by the beat scene in LA and Detroit, he started making beats in 2010. While sampling all kinds of sounds indiscriminately, his ensemble of bold drops, upper SE, and shining synth work in the right places creates a groove that deserves to be called original, and makes you feel the classic air of 90's hiphop and the world of modern electro at the same time. It creates a sound production that is unique. The unpredictable accumulation, subtraction and multiplication of intersecting sounds add to the addictiveness of the loops. He has been running "Table Beats", a beat live distribution program which collects beat makers in the Kansai area, and has been a front act for illa-J, DJ KRUSH, Eric Lau, STLNDRMS, Budabrose, a live DJ for Daichi Yamamoto, and a label mate. He is also a live DJ for Daichi Yamamoto and a member of the unit "BLACKVVATCH" with dhrma from EPISTROPH.

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