1. dawn

3rd Single by TATSUMAKI, Piano and Drums duo, from Japan.
We were impressed by a beautiful sky of dawn and made this song.

All things have an end, but something will definitely start.
Everything couldn't be changed immediately but won't last forever.


"TATSUMAKI" is a Japanese piano and drums duo. The duo is composed of Mackey (Piano) and Ryuji (Drums), formed in February 2020. Our concept is "Easy to imagine the scenery, and easy to listen everyday, everywhere." We make songs inspired by casual conversations, scenery, and emotional fluctuations. We provide sounds and scenes, so feel free to make stories whenever you like. We hope our songs will be a part of your daily life. Mackey composes and plays various genre, such as from pops to jazz. Ryuji works mainly on rock. We mix each other's strong points, and we are challenging to create a new instrumental genre.

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