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Stupid news every time you cross The perished scene seen in the gap Shake, stop, flow, turn We cut it up and cut it out Complexly subdivided views On the crowd and the passing scenery A suspicious sky that is meaninglessly colored A rule that does not end every time it is exceeded In the days when the speed is increasing Serious and clever in front of you We hold it and look straight at it Learning ignorant wisdom Days of insight I'm myself, but I'm myself I decide the boundaries here we go Let's take all the circumstances in this chest My daily life is not normal But my daily life Normal than bad imagination Now Grab the wind that starts running and let's go out together Run through Go through Beyond over Live forward Do you want to go Oh she slips through and heads to the end of agony

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  • emu∴senba yuki

    Emu ... the soulful rhythm and blues unit of the Japanese made styles which used the entertainment street side performance ability "CHINDONYA" of Japanese ancient times as the motif this unit name is Emu Japanese roadside entertainment "Chindonya style" as a motif Taisho Roman, Showa Kayo R & B, soul, FUNK, ROCK, POP, HIPHOP, etc. Mixed simmered mixed banquet unit ■ Emu Biography Formed as a 3-piece Japanese R & B unit with vocals, guitar, and bass centered on singer Emu, who debuted in July 2010 with the single "want a spice". The unit name is "Emu". October 2010 Released 2nd Single "one4me" December 2010 2nd Single title song "one4me" debuted at 7th place on USEN general chart February 2011 Vocal Emu withdraws after the release of the 3rd single "Bring Bling" 2011 Joins AKANE as the second vocalist September 4th Single "Trick" released In February 2014, aym participated as the third vocalist April 2014 Released Re: Trick (M-1 Trick M-2 regret), a retake version of the 4th Single "Trick" July 2014 Joined Kiyomaru as the 4th vocalist September 2020 Yuki Semba joins as the 5th generation singer and restarts as "Emu ∴ Yuki Semba" as the 10th anniversary of the start of Emu. ■ Emu discography Emu 1st style singer Emu ... July 23, 2010 1st Maxi Single "want a spice" Emu 1st style feat. Singer Emu October 28, 2010 2nd Maxi Single "one4me" February 28, 2011 3rd Maxi Single "Bring Bring" Emu 2nd style feat. Singer Beni (AKANE) September 1, 2011 4th Maxi Single "Trick" Emu 3rd style feat. Aym June 7, 2014 5th single "Re: Trick" Emu 4th style feat. Kiyomaru November 23, 2014 6th single "Indulge" [album] October 31, 2015 Emu 1st Album "Bitch on the pig" -bitch ride on the pig-released December 24, 2016 Emu 2nd Album "Jorosai, 1-chome, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Golden Gai" (delivery 12/17) released. December 13, 2020 Emu 3rd Albume "Emu ∴ Yuki Semba" released (planned)

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