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Satellite City will release a new song "Secret of the Night" on May 13.

Their previous release, "Circulation and Swimming," was picked up by Tsunao Kadowaki, a digger who also supervises Spotify's official playlist, on his "2024" playlist as a quality song, and their tricky ensemble and unique musicality, unique to a three-piece organization, have attracted attention from early listeners in the Tokyo indie scene. Satellite City is a band that has been attracting attention from quick-eared listeners in the Tokyo indie scene with its tricky ensemble and unique musicality.

This album is self-produced by Satellite City, with lyrics written by Harukaze Narumi (Vo. Gt.), and following "Circulation and Swimming," everything from production to recording and mixing is done by Satellite City. The songs are characterized by decadent lyrical worlds and emotional, straight-forward developments that give a sense of the band's new direction.

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