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Session recording at a factory area of Tokyo
Fusion of field recording and electronic sound
Techno sound produced by improvisation that can not be played twice and looping by the sequencer
The fourth episode of the collaboration project is a session by BERVATRA, Tokyo-based Techno Duo who are performing live-sampling field sounds to makes beats in real time, and Koyas, a Tokyo-based artist / Ableton Certified Trainer.
This work was recorded at Shinkiba Creative Lab. in a factory area of Tokyo.
BERVATRA makes sounds using various things such as upright piano, hoses, sticks and so on in this vast space, then sample it, processes it, and produces a beat in real time.
Koyas plays electronic musical instruments like synthesizers and sampler, then mix them, making it unique sound which is a fusion of field recordings and electronic sounds.
Recording and mastering engineering is performed by Kohji Fujida, the owner of Shinkiba Creative Lab., so this work is finished with no compromise about sound quality.

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  • Koyas

    Koyas is a Tokyo-based artist, producer and label founder. His label is focused on electronic live performing artists. After Koyas had teamed up with DJ Yogurt, he gained a large interest in music production.They have appeared in famous festivals like Fuji Rock Festival and released several albums with styles ranging from ambient to techno, and remixed Ken Ishii, Keiichi Sokabe Band, Kimyo Reitaro and more. He has started his label, psymatics in 2013. The next year he released an improvisation-based electronic session with CD HATA from Dachambo, a widely known Japanese band. In 2015, his label released a vinyl-only remix ep of UK legendary artist, The Irresistible Force. On the other side, Koyas contributes to write or translate about music production and instruments for magazines and web with his wide knowledge about electronic music production and engineering. Since 2014, he has been an Ableton Certified Trainer as one of first Japanese trainers. On 2015, he founded Ableton Meetup Tokyo, a Tokyo based Ableton user community, and holds meet-up events repeatedly. His team participated large conferences like Tokyo Dance Music Event and they organized Live 10 preview event at Contact Tokyo when Live 10 came out.

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    Tokyo based-techno duo by Shinichi Suda & Kosaku Shimamoto. Their style is Live-Sampling : They record field sounds using many microphones such as condenser microphones, binaural microphone and shotgun microphones which are not use for typical live performance, then they make beats from their recordings, process their sounds and make improvisation-based music. Their concept is "Dance music based on action and sound. They have teamed up since 2010. Then they developed their original live sampling system on 2011. They updated their system to enable making layers of their sound, they started to make music in cities, stations, inside a car and restaurants. Since 2015, they have started to live performances with improvised live-sampling style.

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