Front Cover


  1. impulse
  2. limit
  3. silhouette
  4. simple
  5. voice
  6. hide-and-seek
  7. AliVe

The first mini album by AliA, the Japanese 6-piece-hybrid-rock band formed in July 2018.
AliA's first album AliVe shows their world by its dynamic band sound, various sound ranges of harmony,
and lyrics that articulate vividly who they are and how they see this world.
It is an epic work to spread out "Japanese Rock" to the world.

Their strong messages by the name of MUSIC that is border-less way of communication is now
about to come across throughout the universe.

Among the songs of the album,
"Impluse" - heavy rock sound & aggressive side of AliA.
"Kakurenbo" - Japanese pop sound those two are highlight of the work that cannot be missed.

The band is planning to go on a tour all around the world,
and they are very excited to get their music delivered to the world.


それぞれがRockそしてクラッシックなどバラバラなジャンルの音楽活動を続けてきた中、リーダーである ERENの呼び掛けに吸い寄せられるように集まった6人組Rock Band。 歌声、そして力強くもエモーショナルな演奏に共感し、言葉の壁を越えてInstagramやYouTubeには海外からのフォロワーも数多くおり、日本だけでは無く、世界へ向けて発信し続けている。

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