Voice, Heart, In your heart - hugvilla (Chris Van Cornell remix) Front Cover

Voice, Heart, In your heart - hugvilla (Chris Van Cornell remix)

Chris Van Cornell

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  • Chris Van Cornell

    Formed in 2012. The group now consists of song and lyrics writer Daisuke Goto, Naoyuki Yosa, Masayoshi Kamimori, Akinari Hotta, and a new vocalist miu, who joined in September 2018. The feature is the dreaming sound created by the mixture of various acoustic instruments and electronic sounds, and also by the mixture of Icelandic music, which is the root of the band, and Japanese music. Also, the members do not have their own decided parts. Their style is to play and sing with their free imagination. They first performed in "Waon Festival" in 2012, released their 1st ep "hand in hand" in 2013. After numbers of self-organized concerts and song making, the 1st album 余暇と祝祭 was released, and one-man live concert was held to celebrate its release. In the same year, they attended GO OUT JAMBOREE fes, and then released 2nd ep "Dreaming" in Tower Records Shibuya in 2017. They also released a limited-time single "and love" in Christmas in 2017. Their live performances and songs are created by adding strings and horn support members. The band was named after a author of picture books, Chris Van Allsburg, and an artist, Joseph Cornell.

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