1. ray
  2. petal dance
  3. flowers
  4. sketch
  5. anymore (feat. Kana Wakareno)
  6. memoria
  7. dawn time
  8. blue moment
  9. stargazer
  10. fluttering
  11. in fog
  12. sunlight
  13. happily
  14. days

"Beyond beauty"

Solo project [.que] by Nao Kakimoto, he has gained a high reputation from various music scenes around the world.

This album named "Any", has the meaning of "everything can be beautiful" and "beyond beauty", and when it suddenly said, "Is this actually beautiful?" It is an album that asks the audience the beauty of everyday life.
The long-awaited song is "anymore feat. Kana Wakareno", which features singer-songwriter Kana Wakareno as a guest vocalist with many playlists on the radio.
Her singing voice that interacts with the piano, there is something that appeals deeply to the depths of the heart beautifully even though it is a simple song.
The songs "memoria", "stargazer", and "petal dance" that were released in advance released the original [.que] characteristics, but the sound image scaled up more than before was fully felt, and the sound of next-generation electronica & folktronica has been established.

Includes 14 songs that expand the music genre [.que].
Mastering by IEDA of One Day Diary, known for release from Rallye Label.
The artwork by the photographer Kenichi Aikawa.


[.que] / nao kakimoto kyu- / nao kakimoto [.que] is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Nao Kakimoto, based in Tokyo, Japan. Since 2010 he has released albums on labels such as SCHOLE, IntroDuCing! and his own EMBRACE. He has also composed music for many film movies, television commercials, websites and exhibitions.

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