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To you who step into a new world.
I played the melody of support for you, who is free from your life until now, and who vigorously walks into a new paradise that accepts your true appearance.
While listening to the melody of each theme, when you can look inside yourself and freely think about it, of course, as a daily BGM...
At every moment, the melody invites you on a journey into a new life.
What you have believed right from the past...
When you realize that they are a hindrance to you, the moment when you let go of your commitment and attachment and have the courage to take a new step...
The infinite power and possibilities expand from within you, and the world begins to emerge in ways you have never noticed.
It's a new paradise you create, no one else.
You shine like the sun, and paradise on earth is waiting for you.

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Be happy for a new life

iTunes Store • Instrumental TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 5 • 18 Sep 2020

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  • Shino Kotohogi

    Shino Kotohogi lives in Sapporo. Started playing the piano at the age of 7. Since 2001, I have been working on concerts, CDs, and music production. Resonating with various themes and target "heart, nature, earth, universe...etc", playing melody (Cosmo.Maris-Piano) while receiving inspiration, in addition to solo concerts, various genres There are also many collaboration events with artists and therapists. Cosmo Maris☆...It is a galaxy of the universe. I play the melody from there.

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