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2021 marked the fifth anniversary of the formation of Accént. Their long-awaited third record is a mini album consists of four songs - "Sayonara wo Ttugeru", "desperate", "Sora wo Miagete", and "Yuurei-san".
They started writing original songs when they were in elementary school. Now they are junior high school students and they showcase more mature sound and lyrics.
The title track of this album "Look ahead" is about looking beyond difficulties. They have expressed resilience to navigate anxiety and self-doubt through their other works too. This core message is worth speading among young people of their generation who are also in their formative years.

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Look ahead

Apple Music • J-Pop Top Albums • Singapore • TOP 6 • 29 Aug 2021 Apple Music • J-Pop Top Albums • Germany • TOP 7 • 22 Nov 2021

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  • Accént

    Accént, which is active in Tokyo and Saitama, is a girls unit of high school students. They have won numerous awards and their performance skills are guaranteed. Kanon(Gt.&Vo.) is versatile with a variety of instruments. Haru(Ba.&Cho.) spells lyrical words. The songs they create contain life-size messages that receive strong sympathy from people of the same generation.

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