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From the 2nd ALBUM "Signal Fire" released in March of the local and Akita prefecture's rapper "Rakan" released "Let It Be" on the delivery front!
"Let It be" is the song of the image which pushes the back of the person who listens to the melody which is easy to listen with gentle lyrics, the importance of being as it is. It is never a bad thing to feel a little sadness and indignation towards himself in the everyday life, please feel the message from the song that it is a step to new growth of yourself.(Rakan Profile)
After live experience in local / Akita for seven years, transfer the activity base to Tokyo in 2012.
In the same year in October, the prescription song "Osaka UP" from "3rd ALBUM" "No Bless" of "SHINGO NISHINARI"
An official remix "Akita UP" was announced from "Showa Record" led by "General".
In December we released ALBUM "THE ROSE" independently. Tracklist "Hikari" is selected as FM Akita January Monthly Selection.
In December 2014 as a unit "Ukasukaji" with "Sakurai Kazuhisa (Mr. Children)"
"One Man Live Tour 2014 ~ This year's Shime with you" by active "GAKU-MC"
It will be selected to the Tokyo performance opening act.
In May 2015 "Akita UP" will be picked up in the NTV series "Monday through Friday night" program.
In September his own music activity was taken up as one aspect of "Akita Kamimitsu"
In October we sang songs of Hitachi · cold air conditioner "Shirokuma-kun" (on air in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Chubu, Hokuriku district) television commercial.
In January 2016, I participated in compilation album "DoYouRememberLocal 'RollRadio" commemorating 30th anniversary of FM Akita.
In July I was in charge of producing the town of Okoshi, Yuri Honjo City Yuri Honjo City Yuri Honjo City Okoshi Crowd Funding.
Crowdfunding significantly exceeded the target amount of 1.2 million yen and recorded 2.1 million yen.
"Yahoo! News", overseas WEB News "RocketNews 24" as well.
In August I was in charge of lyrics, lyrics of "Sushiro" nationwide television commercial.
In the same month, a state of close coverage was broadcasted at Akita NHK Television Broadcast 'News News comic' corner 'Cameraman Report'.
After affiliation with the office, the first album "Bouquet" was released nationwide on November 9, 2016.
In February 2017 he will hold a lecture at his own junior high school "Gokjyo First Junior High School".
In October, she appeared on TV & Radio CM "Akita Kisimi Shosha Sakigake Electronic Edition" and was in charge of lap.
In the same month, at the half-time live of the J League affiliation" Blaublitz Akita "home game
Blaublitz Akita official supportive song "We Are AKITA !!" is shown.
It made the audience of thousands of people rushed to the Akinin Stadium greatly.
Although the base is in Tokyo, it is active not only in each region but also locally and in Akita.

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