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Unit description: "The dawn begins" ``asagaeri'' is a music unit consisting of vocalist HITO, who has been active as an artist in a wide range of fields, and keyboardist JIN, who has also been active as an actor such as Sentai Hero. Sometimes on the way home after drinking, I feel a hole in my heart. I put a lyric that resembles a prayer on top of a pop piano sound, and shot an arrow like light on my way home. These two are now singing someone's dawn. Song Description: How much can you shine as yourself in your limited life? We tend to take the special for granted. Only in the darkness of loss do we notice the brightness of the stars. I spend a sleepless night illuminated by such starlight. With a beat that sways like the hands of a clock, HITO sings his nighttime soliloquy, which is similar to a prayer, in a fleeting yet emotional way.

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