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    Vocalist who loves R&B, SOUL and other black music. She began her musical activities at an early age, and at the age of 15, while working for a major production company, she studied Jazz singer CHARITO and vocalist Togo WATANABE. Studied bel canto singing under Jazz singer CHARITO and vocalist Togo WATANABE. He was selected for the AXIA Artist Audition 1997 and 1998 in a row as a unit with composer/arranger Jun Suyama. Especially in 1998, they won the AXIA Award (runner-up) out of about 9,000 groups. In 2000, they made their independent debut on East west Japan's galleria records (R&C JAPAN). Their debut maxi single PARDOX was distributed online not only in Japan but also in Korea. Featured in the black music magazine WOOFIN' as an artist to watch She has performed at R&B and HIPHOP events. She also began to work as a support musician, accompanying CHARITO on tour as a backing vocalist and chorus member of an oldies band in Yokohama, Japan. Also, as a studio musician, he began to sing a wide range of music genres, including temporary singers for composers, animation, and commercials. As a lyricist, she has provided various works for major artists, anime songs, and V-tubers. After getting married and having a baby, she became a mama singer and sang at art appreciation events at kindergartens and elementary schools, and at local mama events. She has been active in a variety of activities, including art appreciation events at kindergartens and elementary schools, and local moms' events. In 2012, she released a charity song "One LOVE" to support children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. One LOVE, a charity song, was distributed through iTunes Store, Spotify, Deezer, amazon music, etc. All proceeds will be donated to "ASHINAGA Scholarship Society". She also teaches a gospel choir at a local church. She also performs as a lead vocalist with the choir at charity concerts. Currently, while working as a vocal trainer and songwriter In addition, she has been active in various community-based music activities, including gospel circle activities for parents, children, and women since 2018.

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