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Twenty years ago, when a colleague of the same company and a friend of Okinawa got married at work, I wrote the song[Propose] for him

Lyrics & Composition &song is Takeshi Soya

One week after Takeshi Soya joined an advertising agency as a new graduate in 1997, he joined the company from Naha, Okinawa.
He relied on his older sister in Tokyo to leave home halfway to Tokyo. The plane fee is a classmate's donation.

After joining the company, I had a lot of trouble being treated by my seniors, but even when I had a hard time, I played until the morning so much that we forget our pain and became an irreplaceable friend.

The friend will marry a junior girl from the same company at work, so can we give them some nice presents? I thought, for the reception at the Okinawa Miyako Hotel, the night before I left Haneda Airport, I wrote a song without sleeping ... That is the song [Propose].

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  • Soya Takeshi

    I write songwriting on the path so that we can deliver "the music entertainment that hits the light of hope and hit the heart" in the world. New Year's Day of 2015 Year of the year, "I will sing a song that can shine the light of hope to the people of the world and sing a song." As a matter of year's resolve, "As a wishful afternoon, I wish for the happiness of our house I pray that everyone wishes happiness "at that time and now. New songs, can not make songs on New Year's theme? Thinking while conserving himself, I came up with [sunset over the year] which came down from heaven with the snow that came down suddenly. We paid a year for this year safely and I made a wish to cleanse my mind so that next year 's year will be a better year, I have created [New Year' s Holiday]. It is a work that I made with my wishes so that everyone's happiness is as good as next year. Humbly, thank you.

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