Second Season -A-

  1. Contrast (for 2S)
  2. CLALA (for 2S)
  3. Reimei (for 2S)
  4. Contrast (for 2S) [Instrumental]
  5. CLALA (for 2S) [Instrumental]
  6. Reimei (for 2S) [Instrumental]

March 26, 2020 Digital release
"Second Season-A-"

01.Contrast(for 2S)
02.CLALA(for 2S)
03.Reimei(for 2S)

"Second Season", just like a season opens the window to a brand new room from the single room which consists of songs released till now.
I have reconsidered the sound production and remix it once again.
I will be happy if you can feel my music in a new way from the work.


[A UN]

It symbolizes "Start" and "End".
Exhalation and Inhalation, Breathing.

Two are united into one.
Moreover, it includes the wish of being listened just like breathing which will never be stopped.


Cuon "Kuon" There are things that last forever. Forever. Solo project by Iwata Machi -- Project concept-- "Escapism" Look away from reality Let's create a place where you want to wish for eternity.

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