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2024 Released the second song as NoName.
Miyu., who is in charge of No Name.Light Blue, is in charge of writing the lyrics for the first time.

"It's a song that everyone can get excited about! (laughs) Because everyone has a lot of things to worry about
Don't shut down, your voice. I want you to say your thoughts out loud! Let's go one step at a time to achieve our dreams! I want you to listen to this song when you're feeling down."

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  • No Name.

    Date of formation March 4, 2023. From Fresh Star Entertainment Yumeka ohata , (Yume.), Miyu Hoshi, (Miyu.), A duo of artists formed in. Their debut song "Journey" was the OP theme for "May Day, Travel!-Past-Gone and the Miracle of Time" sponsored by Fresh Star Entertainment. The concept is colorless and transparent, and you can be anything

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