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    "Sexless Barger Shop" is one of the songs released by NAGGA. These songs explore the themes of changing sexual interests among young Japanese people, as well as irony and criticism of sexual consumer culture. NAGGA's unique perspective reflects his unique views on social issues. NAGGA's album "BLUE" is his second full album. This album was released in 2021. "BLUE" is a place for NAGGA to explore and express through his emotions and experiences, reflecting his inner struggles and growth throughout the album. Musically, the album incorporates elements of hip-hop and R&B while developing NAGGA's unique style and sound. "BLUE" has been a long-awaited release for NAGGA's fans, and has been highly acclaimed as a work that allows them to enjoy a wide range of aspects of his music. NAGGA's "come on dance" is one of his songs. The song features positive energy and a lighthearted rhythm, and the lyrics explore themes of dancing and the importance of sharing good times. "Come on Dance" is one of the songs that shows a part of NAGGA's musical style, and will be a fun experience for his fans. NAGGA's "Wheel of Freedom" is one of his songs. This song is about freedom and the importance of individual self-expression. The lyrics explore the meaning of living your own life, free from the constraints of society and the environment. The songs also talk about the journey of finding oneself and the pursuit of a free spirit. NAGGA's "Wheels of Freedom" is a song that makes the listener think about self-exploration and the desire for freedom, and is a song that conveys his deep message. "Tone Jack Mode" is one of NAGGA's songs that shows his unique musical style and talent, and is a noteworthy song for his fans. This song shows the evolution and growth of his music, and is one of his most impressive songs. This song is a perfect combination of NAGGA's expressive melody and original beat, and has captivated his fans.

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