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Cream Puff


Cream puff is my favorite

All bitches have same shit

I try not to be crazy

And I won't have any babies

They gon' hate me maybe

I will die today maybe

I'm still alive maybe

I'm gonna live until eighty

Does anybody wanna come in?

Does anybody wanna come in?

Go ahead and call your friends

I don't care if they're women or men

I don't care if they start to fuck each other

It's a party, let's have fun together

But please don't make any trouble

'Cause I'll take no responsibility


Say cheese to the cameras

Give a question, no answers

I'm dumb but not racist

Living my life is like a car race

I just wanna be famous

I just wanna be famous

I have no money to pay bills

I have no time to get chill

I have many things to rhyme

Forever is going to kill me sometimes

Doing nothing is a beautiful crime

I have too much wallets, so dignified

Your flow is awful, it sounds like shit

While you post bad comments, I'm getting rich

Don't show me your face, my stomach will itch

So I wanna call you "year of the snitch"

Yo bitch

Don't look that way, lil bitch

So noisy, I can't hear what you say, bitch

Lil bitch? Lil bitch? I'm still getting rich

Thank you for listening to my song, lil bitch

I did nothing, I didn't bewitch

But your voice is low so I changed your pitch

You enjoy this party? But I'm not a witch

If you suck my cock, I'ma cut my wrist


Are you still in this party?

Are you still in this party?

Get the fuck out, I don't want your money

I need no penny, no bunny

No more smoking, I'm so clumsy

Please stop joking, it isn't funny

Now I'm gonna call your daddy and mommy

Your face is fuckin' muddy so get off my dick!

Lose in competition

Not so bad condition

Lose my fucking vision

Just a irreligion

Internet addiction

Screw that, no mission

There's no definition of mathematician

Oxygen is like a sukiyaki

Playing saxophone but no Kamashi

I'm in Washington, driving Kawasaki

There are so many fucking Paparazzi

Wanted to be free but who fights for justice? I'm gonna shoot with the Rifle

I was banned from SoundCloud, they're afraid of me, myself & I, That's painful

You're constipated while I'm masturbating

Our friendships are so complicated

The scholarship is antiquated

Don't talk to me now, I'm concentrating on

Writing this fucking lyrics

I'm frustrating 'cause of naughty critics

They destroy rappers by the minute

And spit the bones out, like a mimic

I fuck the college, I'm not in clubs

Treat me like a slave, they put handcuffs

Can't take anymore, I need some drugs

So please don't waste my cream puffs

Now I'm gone

You know what? It's Auto Self-Destruction

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Cream Puffのジャケット写真

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Cream Puff


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    Cream Puff



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