on paper

  1. on paper

SQUID made this song with Masamune Tokuami (singer song writer).

When you read texts and lyrics, you can get information from your eyes. Moving from left to right, stop reading or return to read back.
Soon, you will may imagine the content of the sentence. Read, stop reading, imagine, read again ...... will be frequent. Composed a song based on such a series of actions.

If you can understand Japanese, please listen while watching the lyrics. Thank you.

lyric >>> http://squid-ekimae.com/archives/4200
Masamune Tokuami website >>> http://tokuamimasamune.site


Shogo OKAWA is a Japanese composer. Born and raised in Adachi, Tokyo. In 2012, started SQUID of composer unit. The concept is "make every sound a music". Characteristic of the sound of SQUID are simple melody, mixture sound of acoustic and digital, sampling (life-sound, junk-instruments), etc.

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