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It is difficult to confront my own weakness.
I started producing my EP "Dukkha" because I wanted to make music that helps me clear away the suffering that controls my daily life.
It saved me from my depressed state of mind.
I was influenced by Buddhist texts as I refined the concept, and even the lyrics were incorporated from simple teachings I learned from Buddhism as if I was telling them to myself.
As a guest appearance, I welcomed rapper Kuroyagi, who belongs to the same record label, to express a different perspective on our chaotic daily lives.
I'll be happy if this project becomes an outlet, therapy, or a realization for somebody else.

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  • rowbai

    1996年生まれ。静岡出身、東京在住のMayu Inabaによるソロプロジェクト。 2018年11月にEP 《rowbai__》、2019年6月にEP《CHARCOAL》を配信リリース。 SSW / Trackmakerの垣根をこえて、打ち込みとギターや鍵盤の演奏、フィールドレコーディングなどの手法を柔軟に使い分け制作している。 ライブでは自由なピアノ即興を取り入れるなど一回性を重視したパフォーマンスが特徴。最近ではラッパーとの共作なども行い、新たな活動に挑戦している。

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