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cinema staff's new song called "3.28" means March 28th. Originally They was going to play own one-man show that day, but it was postponed cause of corona virus.They did recorded new song "3.28" vial stream live on YouTube.

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iTunes Store • Alternative TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 2 • 29 Apr 2020 iTunes Store • Alternative TOP SONGS • Chile • TOP 2 • 7 May 2021 Apple Music • Alternative Top Songs • Virgin Islands, British • TOP 9 • 9 Feb 2021 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP SONGS • Chile • TOP 12 • 7 May 2021 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 51 • 29 Apr 2020 Apple Music • Alternative Top Songs • Japan • TOP 121 • 29 Apr 2020

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Spotify • J-Rock ON!! • 29 Apr 2020 Spotify • 最Hit東洋榜 • 1 May 2020 Spotify • Weekly Buzz Tokyo • 2 May 2020 Spotify • Pop Rising Japan • 5 May 2020 Spotify • New Music Wednesday • 29 Apr 2020

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    Four piece rock band featuring violently delicate pop melodies multiplied by the impressive voice of vocalist Mizuki Iida and influenced by alternative, emo and post rock without losing a aggressive impulsivity and passion. Band members are; Mizuki IIda on vocals and guitar, Tomotaka Tsuji on guitar, Sohei Mishima on bass and Yohei Kuno on drums. Iida, Tsuji and Mishima started the band which would later become Cinema Staff in high school with Kuno joining the band in 2006 for the current line up. *Release first mini-album, "Document" from Zankyo Records in 2008. *Chosen for iTunes Store "Japan Sound of 2011". *Major debut from Pony Canyon in 2012. *Release song: "Great Escape", which becomes the end theme for the TV series "Attack on Titan" in 2013. *In 2015 the band releases "Way Point E.P." which includes the song "Your Song" which becomes the theme song for the NHK drama, "Gattan Gattan Soredemo Go" which is based in the band's home town of Gifu, and "Solution E.P." which includes the single, "Kirifuda" which is chosen as the opening theme for the animated TV show, "Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V". Nominated for Billboard Japan Music Award's "Animation Artist of the Year" in 2013. The band finishes their largest ever headline tour (total 14 shows) with the largest capacity show they've played at Zepp Diver City in 2014 and release their first stand alone visual media, the live DVD '"Death Bandwagon 2 (to) Glory" TOUR FINAL@2014.06.26 Zepp DiverCity'. Release 6th album, "Netsugen" in May of 2015 and go on a tour of Japan for a career record number of attendees. In October of 2015, the band performs at the renowned Hibiya Kokaido outdoor amphitheater, reaching a record number of attendees for their headline show. "HYPER CHANT", their single chosen as the official supporter song for FC Gifu released digitally in January, 2018. The band marks their 10th anniversary of debuting with a tour of the Quattro venues in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.

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