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Eri Taguchi 1st Album "HITOTSU", in which she sings about the light that the world begins and spreads from a small "HITOTSU" in our daily life."HITOTSU" means "ONE".

A blank, pitch-black sheet of paper. A ray of light shining on a black, blank sheet of paper.
One day, with iPhone in hand, I started to record "voices" that were neither songs nor words into a voice memo.
After 5 years of collecting, getting help, and spinning them together, I have recorded 10 songs that I have made into sound recordings.

A ray of light, becoming one, a drop of water into a big river, a habit into a destiny, love from one person, just one word....

I would like to continue to write and sing songs that make our daily life comfortable, believing in the power of a "one" to start and expand the world, like a small sprout, thinking of something.
This is an album that connects the past and the future of Eri Taguchi.

Now, please listen to "HITOTSU".

1. Hello!earth!
When I felt like a small stone,I thought that I and the universe are one.
2. Beautiful
Beautiful,in which I felt the miracle of being alive here and now when I saw the geological strata where "one drop" has accumulated for 20,000 years.
3. Uttori
Just by putting on a lipstick, I feel much better. When you fall in love with yourself, you want to start a love affair.
One thing we can do is to use up all the life we have now without wasting it. To eat is to live.
5. Floss before you sleep!
One habit is the secret to keeping 20 teeth until you are 80 years old.
6. Hey!Nachtmusik! ~Night is too long~
On a sleepless "one" summer night, counting sheep one by one.
7. aiTai
Two people who want to be "one" but cannot be.
8. 10days late
Fate is determined by "one" decision.
The struggle for "one" with oneself. It is "Talent".
Love of "One" is connected to the whole world.

Artist Profile


    Taguchi's songs color our days. Unique lyrics born from daily life, catchy melodies created from humming, powerful, gentle, and transparent voice, and a unique sense of the world created color our days. Her unique songs, such as Floss Before Sleeping, a message and love song about preventing tooth decay and turning sadness into pleasure, are well known for their usefulness and addictiveness that makes you hum along once you hear them. She has been involved in unique activities, such as the Floss to you campaign, in which she produces original flosses of her own design. On June 11, 2024, Eri Taguchi will release 1st album HITOTSU, in which she sings about the world that begins and expands from a small HITOTSU in her daily life. The album contains 10 songs written and composed from 2018 to 2024, with Gaku Ninomiya, the world's No. 1 music producer on the world's official independent music chart in 2022. In May 2024, Eri Taguchi created the music for Overflowing, a solo exhibition of illustrator Natsuki Minami, who draws attractive illustrations based on the concept of Happy through eyes. She will expand her collaboration activities with artists and makers with the motto of creating songs that further convey charm. Biography Born in Tokyo and raised in Chiba Prefecture. Her name comes from Ellie my love by Southern All Stars. While working for a major company, she started attending a voice school. During her first live band performance, she was discovered by Chicco Souma, one of the most funky drummers in Japan, and started her career as a singer. In 2018, she released Uttori under the arrangement of Yasuyoshi Suzuki, who is in charge of drama theme songs, etc., and started her career as a solo singer-songwriter Eri Taguchi.

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