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This is the second solo album by Brian the Sun frontman Ryota Mori.

Continuing from his previous solo album "EGO", the catchy yet unique style of melodies created by Ryota Mori is arranged by his band members with solid technical skills, and sublimated into a royal yet one-of-a-kind rock style.

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  • Ryota Mori

    Solo project of Ryota Mori, frontman of the guitar rock band Brian the Sun. He pursues musical expression in a variety of styles that are distinctly different from his previous work, including live performances as a solo performer or with a band, and self-produced music videos and artwork production. He has been actively producing solo music and performing live since immediately after Brian the Sun's hiatus, releasing his first full-length album "EGO" in February 2022, and "apples 2" in May 2022, a work in which Ryota Mori completed everything from playing all instruments to mixing and mastering by himself.

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