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1,  2,  3,  4   リズム 飲み込む

朝, 昼, 夕, 夜   歪に  無表情

一息 Day(で) まわって 終わる

全て No(の) 確実 日々

1, 2, 3, 4 リターン and(安堵)は 人それぞれ

変わる事ない 心地よい居心地 心持ち 後悔しがち 歪なバランス

一息Day(で) すぎてしまう

はみ出せば 奴らNo(の)喝采浴びて

Auto(音)の無い The U (自由)の旅へ

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

8 砂時計 8(えい)!と倒して ∞に広がるメロディー

  • Composer

    Masamune Tokuami, Shogo OKAWA

  • Lyricist

    Masamune Tokuami

relife Front Cover

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SQUID made this song with Masamune Tokuami (singer song writer).

One, two, three, four ...... the time is ticking towards the end of the day. End and start. Or start and end. At a constant pace. Regularly. It's like the hourglass.

The daily life is based on the time. But, there are various forms of the daily life. And various things happen. With a little change, you may not get bored every day.

How was your today?
Please remember today, and listen. Thank you.

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Artist Profile


    Shogo OKAWA is a Japanese composer. Born and raised in Adachi, Tokyo. A member of The Japan Federation of Composers Inc. (JFC). In 2012, started SQUID of composer unit. The concept is "make every sound a music". Characteristic of the sound of SQUID are simple melody, mixture sound of acoustic and digital, sampling (life-sound, junk-instruments), etc.

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