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Rui Kano, the first song to be released.
Raychel, the main composer of Dyfis, is responsible for the composition and arrangement of this work.
The lyrics are written by Masahiro of ex.Drastic Mind.
Engineers working on a number of major artists are also in charge of the engineers in this recording.
While feeling the nostalgia of the scene, the singing voice including the gentle warmth is intertwined with the comfortable sound.

Artist Profile

  • Rui Kano

    A female singer from Sapporo, Hokkaido. From 2015 to 2018, he is active mainly in Sapporo. Since November 2018, the base of activities has been moved to Tokyo, and since October 2019, activities have been fully developed in the Kanto region. In January 2020, she also appeared on the special stage of the junior soccer U-12 tournament "Captain Tsubasa CUP Katsushika 2020". In parallel with music activities, she also works as a model.

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