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The end of the story
Quietly bring down the curtain
Even though we held hands
I can't be with you anymore
The night bursts and returns to the bubbles in the glass.

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I can't be with you

iTunes Store • R&B/Soul TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 10 • 14 Feb 2024

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  • the bloom

    We will have a session with a wonderful artist as a guest support and act. haru guitarist/bassist/composer Admiring Jimi Hendris Kurt Cobain John Frusciante, he started playing the guitar by himself at the age of 8. He is 13years old now. After that, he started composing under the influence of neo-soul and black music such as John Mayer Mateusassato. His dream is to become a session musician. He is currently gaining experience in live houses. I want you to keep an eye on the growth to see how far you can go. With an attitude that does not forget to worry and enjoy, I appreciate and respect his music environment and friends. Based on guitar, he spends his days with various friends on bass, DJ, beat maker, vocalist, drum, street dance, snowboard, skateboard, surf, skimboard, SUP, and camp.

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  • Kawasaki Kohei

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