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Moral & Pureness 3rd Single.

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I'm Your Boyfriend

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  • Moral & Pureness

    Born in 1995 in Sosa City, Chiba Prefecture. A solo pops unit by Hiroki, who is the vocalist of the pop band ``club'89'' and the rock band ``BEAUTIFULL.'' The concept is "the most peaceful music in the world". He respects KAN, who is known for hit songs such as "Love Will Win," and continues to produce various types of love songs with his own catchphrase: "Moral & Pureness," the two major elements that form love. . One of their characteristics is their live performances that incorporate comedic elements, and their inquiring spirit for laughter is endless, with long MCs and skits performed between songs. His selling point is that he has good visuals, but he personally thinks that his personality is the best. Musical influences include Aztec Camera, ABBA, Style Council, and Stevie Wonder.

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