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"Will you turn up the fader of my heart?"
Chill sound with electric guitar and acoustic guitar phrases and pleasant echoes of electric piano, and lyrics that naturally show a glimpse of a strong woman's heart.
This J-R&B song is perfect for the morning at the beginning of a new day or a relaxing chill time surrounded by a sunset or nightscape.

Artist Profile

  • U.for

    [U.for (Yuho)] U.for is a Japanese R&B singer with a baby face and silky voice who is active mainly in Osaka. U.for's music is characterized by the streaming-like comfort of listening to R&B/Soul flavors from the 1990s and 2000s, including chill-taste songs, nostalgic yet new New Soul songs, and songs sprinkled with sound traps, as well as U.for's originality in arrangement. On top of these various sounds, the essence of rap music scattered throughout the songs, which are sometimes intense, sometimes enveloping as if to accompany the lyrics, and sometimes straightforwardly expressing the world view of the lyrics, has gained popularity. The songs "Fader," released in 2022, and "The Call," "Meimu," "Freedom," "Yowaki na baby," and "Bang Bang," released in 2023, are on official playlists on various streaming sites. In particular, "Freedom" and "Bang Bang" have been selected in many overseas playlists and are popular among overseas listeners. In addition, the music videos for "Fader," "The Call," and "Freedom" were ranked No. 1 in the "Buzz Rhythm 02" ranking of that person by music program on Japanese TV . U.for cover song series videos are released on YouTube every Friday. Her potential to sing genre-less songs such as "Minna sora no shita / Ayaka," "Idol / YOASOBI," "Over dose / Natori," and "Tsukimisou / Novelbright" demonstrates her high ability as a singer. She sings the lead part in the image song "We are" for the "EXPO TRAIN 2025 Osaka Monorail-go", the officially designed wrapping train for the Osaka-Kansai Expo, in which WITHDOM, G.U.M, and AGE of the same company also participate. She also performs regularly at "Osaka Monorail & aer-uFES ~Road to EXPO 2025~," a live event held monthly on the concourse stage at Osaka Monorail Expo Commemorative Park Station. U.for's one-man live "FASHIONISTA" held at Music Club JANUS in Osaka on November 3, 2023, attracted an almost full house with her high stage sense, not only singing but also dancing with dancers. U.for's first official cover of Ayaka's "beautiful (Cover)" was included in their 2nd Album "FLAVA" released on October 16, 2023, and a music video was also released on YouTube. This cover work, which expresses the world view of the lyrics in a straightforward manner, allows the viewer to fully experience the appeal of U.for's songs. U.for is an R&B singer who will be in the spotlight from the latter half of 2022 to 2023, and we cannot take our eyes off of her future activities.

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