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Now, two very special works are brought from Sayaka Kamizono, who has started a brand-new second life as a singer-songwriter.

Vogue-to inspire every single person who has lived through the pain and is now trying to restart.

Photograph(c/w)−to believe to keep the promise to have a reunion, produced during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Artist Profile

  • Sayaka Kamizono

    Sayaka KAMIZONO, Singer-Songwriter, born on 28th, July 1986. 2003 Started her professional career as a singer after winning the Grand Prix at the new talent scouting audition organized by Nippon Crown, one of the oldest and major music labels in Japan 2003 Won the New Artist Award of the Japan Record Awards (considered to be equivalent to the Grammy Award) 2008 Participated to Universal Peace Day concert held at Riverside Church in New York 2008, representing Japan and made a mark in global music circle. Active on stages of concerts and events as a singer, also as a songwriter benefiting from her extensive musical experiences from Enka (Japanese traditional sentimental ballad music) , J-Pop, R&B, and to Jazz.

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