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Homey He was born in Brisbane,Australia and lived in Japan until he graduated from junior high school. Then he lived in America.,the mecca of HipHop. After he graduated from high school in Canada.he started his career as a hip hop singer in Tokyo,Japan. History October 2009 The both of "ONE N ONLY" and "Yes I DO feat.SHIROSE" got the 1st place daily and weekly online music distribution December 2010 He released his 1st single CD"Be The One" 1,000 copies were sold out. February 2012 He released his 1st mini-album CD"ONE IN A MILLION" which was very unique and was beyond the genre featured Micky Rich from Reggae. He held his one-man live show at Shibuya WWW in March. Over 300 fans enjoyed his marvelous performance. Not only his performance but also the video of starting act and the collaboration with Live VJ really came up. So Live DVD was also released later. He held live shows more than 50 times a year in Osaka,Nagoya and Tokyo. Also he actively performed at college festivals and local events. He successfully held his first one-man live show with an acoustic band at Shibuya WWW. In July, he released "Be the One"and other 4 songs on online music distribution because of the request from warm fans. In August, his new single "You Are" was released on online and its music video on YouTube has coming up. Now he has been energetically acting for the next one-man live performance at " Ebisu Liquid Room" The Lyrics "Boom Word Up" / w-inds. "Koi-no-hajimari" Jihyouku(Nova)feat. Serina. "Love-A-Dub" Giselle 4's debut single. "Wonder Girl" Ending song of TV drama,"Arasaa-chan" "SECRET" Theme song of a movie "Omoinokoshi" All written in English.

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