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This is the second album of 11 tracks, following the first album 'Garance', which combined acoustic and digital music.
A variety of tunes spanning rock, EDM and folk. The sound quality is well thought out.
The album features a visual world of Japanese poetry with a sharpened sense of scene and interlacing time lines. It is also a glimpse of the consistent theme of 'death and rebirth'.
We hope you will enjoy this pop, catchy and somehow sad world, just by intuition.

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    I guess Profile Hajime Hashimoto (Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo) Born in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Started playing guitar at the age of 12. At the age of 12, he started playing the guitar and started writing lyrics at the same time, thinking that he would rather play original songs than others. At the age of 12, he started playing the guitar. Graduated from the Painting Department of Tokyo University of the Arts. Formed the band "BILLIKEN" while still in school. Received the Excellence Award at EAST WEST in 1985. 1988 Released the album "BILLIKEN", recorded in New York and mixed in Toronto, produced by Makoto Kubota, from MIDI Records. Live performance at CBGB in New York. He was in charge of songwriting and guitar for all the songs. At the same time, he worked as a support guitarist for Masato Tomobe, Yoshitaro Kanazaki, Teppei Kojima, etc. He also contributed songs to the TV program "Janken Kids" and the movie "Seko de Narako". In 1998, he launched the indie label BYTZ RECORD and has produced 23 albums, including Q/C, DRI:MOON, and KUDAN. He has also done artwork for most of the albums. 2000 Formed "Old Well 2000" with Yoshitaro Kanazaki, formerly of "Old Well", and released the live album "Old Well 2000" from FFA. 2006 Formed "KUDAN" with Fujiyama, Gecko, Tomoya and Chikako Yamakawa of "Yunagi", released two albums and a DVD, but disbanded in 2012. 2013 Formed "I guess" with Tomoko Shimizu. 2016 1st. album "GARANCE" released. 2020 Released 2nd album "I guess You know" in the form of a 48-page book with illustrations and English translation. Tomoko Shimizu (keyboard, percussion, chorus) Born in Mitaka City, Tokyo Tomoko Shimizu has studied piano, electronics, drums, percussion, and music theory since childhood, and has been involved in MIDI data production and manipulation. While exploring classical and contemporary music, she is also into house, techno, and electro music such as Denki Groove, Ken Ishii, and The Prodigy. She has released four albums, and was active as a drummer and chorus member of DRI:MOON, in 2001 - 2022. In I guess's live performances, Shimizu makes full use of two synthesizers and electronic percussion at the same time, and together with Hashimoto's acoustic yet effective guitar sound, they are known for their performance that aims at the limit of live performance of a unit of two people who dare not use sequencers. Touching each other with music is not a matter of understanding each other, but a repetition of small questions and suggestions. The origin of the band's name is that "songs" and "sounds" may be born in between. I guess HP http://www.iguess.net/ BYTZ RECORD HP http://bytzweb.com/record_top.html Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bytz.iguess List of "GARANCE" songs available https://linkco.re/6uhE6rRu List of "I guess You know" songs available https://linkco.re/cdUZhBZq?fbclid=IwAR0SMhWz-_3_K5w2DExRfh7N2nX6j9rgvDYczBuyRXAn9-29TOMVeXZ9scg

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