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NIRGILIS released "Midnight Schneider 2023 ver.", rearranged and newly recorded version of their major label debut song.
Refreshingly fast song with Mille Feuille like harmony POP feel.
Comment from Moyo Satake,
who composed the music and wrote the lyrics at the time.
"The concept of lyric is that no one knows what tomorrow will be and everyone will disappear without a trace someday
That's why I can't help but love this moment and you right in front of me.
Originally, I had the idea of good repetition, organic harmony, and the image of dancing with amateurish piano that looks like a child playing piano duet.
I hope you will enjoy listening to and comparing the 2023 version, which has a more uplifting and fast-paced feel, with the original song, which has an impressive sense of untainted and floating.

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Mayyonaka No Shneider

iTunes Store • Alternative TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 50 • 28 Oct 2023

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Mayyonaka No Shneider

Spotify • キラキラポップ:ジャパン • 31 Oct 2023

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    The band made their CD debut with their first album "Tennis" in April 2003. The album was highly rated for its multifaceted but pop-oriented content. And their second album "New Standard" was released in May 2004, got high evaluation much more. After moving to DefSTAR RECORDS in 2006, the single "sakura" was released. "sakura" became the opening song for the TV animation "Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN" and was in heavy rotation on radio stations nationwide. In the same year, it was selected as one of the best 10 new artists in the Japanese music category at the 21st Japan Gold Disc Awards and became a long-running hit. In 2014, they released the album "Chukuri" from Victor Entertainment. After that, all the members left the band and it broke up. In 2021, Acchu Iwata approached Moyo Satake and Koki Ito, two of the band's original members, and they reunited.

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