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Sun on my wings

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Singer-song writer Miho Fukuhara's will released her first single of the year 2021, "Sun On My Wings on Jan 16th.
The song was written by Hiroyuki Matsuda, with lyrics by Kami Kaoru.
This song Influenced by the Covid-19 disaster that started in 2020, Fukuhara created this song with the theme of "Sun On My Wings".
A powerful song with a neo-soul and jazzy sound reminiscent of the early 90's, combined with a strong message from Kaoru Kami.
Sun On My Wings" is also the title of her tour that starts on Jan 18th from Tokyo.
The tour will take place at Tokyo Billboard and and Osaka Billboard with the new powerful members.
Now is the time to remember that we must head into the future with hope on our backs, with the light of the sun shining on us at all times.