Front Cover


  1. shakunage no genei
  2. katsubo
  3. Primula
  4. Lycoris
  5. dakka
  6. suisen
  7. Anemone
  8. rinne

A work that tried to blend post black metal and vocaloid rock. "Mizutama" who tried Vo in a certain game of Xbox. "Expo" that acts throughout the world such as Japan Expo. Currently, it has worked as guest vocals for whisper vocalists "Muno" and "Meno" unknown, and a local drinking friend "arcslide".


Shoegazer from black metal / post rock band. It became a topic locally at post black metal using Hatsune Miku, after that it is inclined to emo violence, and now it is sealing a blast beat. Recently I was providing songs to the dark idol "Necronomidol" at the beginning, but the behavior of SNS became a problem and it was expelled.

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