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I am submerged

In those memories

Can’t you see tomorrow

Fades with celerity?

The cost of heartbeat

They don’t surprise me

Do my lungs breathe?

In this night breeze

I feel like

I am running

For the sake of running

I am diving

For the sake of diving

I am hurting

For the sake of hurting

I am loving

For the sake of loving

I don’t know them

Losing their faces

The circle you are drawing

The wall where thorns creep

I have a fever

It’s either a rage or a love

I’ll see you another day

It’s all I can say

I’m running

But I don’t know where to go

I’m diving

But I don’t know what

I’m looking for

I’m hurting

To feel who I have become

I’m loving

To feel less alone

  • Lyricist

    Shun Ikegai

  • Composer


Loves&Cults Front Cover

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