1. Aizubanndaisan
  2. Tsugaru tantobusi
  3. Otemoyan
  4. Sansa sigure
  5. Honjo oiwake
  6. Hyakkaryoran
  7. Tsugaru aiyabusi
  8. Gouketsubusi~Tabaruzaka
  9. Owasebusi
  10. Shiogamajinku
  11. Mogamigawa funauta

We had started playing some jazz songs with our good fellow musicians in 2000 and we named the quintet "YAYU & FISH HOUSE.
When we started duo, we didn't take so long to decide our name "YAYU FISH", which we thought more simple and easy.
At that time, we would've never imagined that we could continue to sing for such a long term, expand our activity areas so broad.
Our music is mashing up of good old Japanese minyo songs and rhythm of jazz,latin, electric,plus playing Japanese traditional instrument shamisen.
In other words, it's a kind of fusion of Japanese and Western music.Also our stage costume represents our style, too.


Japanese folk singer "Yayoi Mizukami" is sing and play the Tsugaru shamisen. Classical and jazz percussionist "Eiji Uozumi" is to play the synthesizer and percussion. Japanese folk songs we have in new music to arrange in various musical styles. The two people, hope that the Japanese folk song I want to listen to the people around the world. I was a United States-Brazil tour in 2011.

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