La Vie En Rose

  1. El Rosa
  2. Mexican Standoff
  3. Plan B
  4. Guess Death
  5. Paradise Rock
  6. Shadow
  7. How High?
  8. Red Sun
  9. All Right
  10. Magnolia
  11. Born To Be Bone
  12. La Vie En Rose
  13. May Be Tomorrow
  14. Hasta La Vista
  15. Elminator

THE BLACK COMET CLUB BAND is a twin-drum rock band that combines a 3-piece rock band, nil, and a bassless piano trio, THE JUNE JULY AUGUST.
PULLING TEETH drummer Jin Terui joined to make the 4th full album a masterpiece!


THE BLACK COMET CLUB BAND is a solitary 3 piece rock band, "nil", Baseless Anomalous Piano Trio, "THE JUNE JULY AUGUST" Combined Twin drums Rock band! Tetsu Takano Vocal / Guitar (nil, THE JUNE JULY AUGUST, ZIGZO, indies electricity) Masaru Kobayashi Bass (nil, The Cro-Magnons) Hajime Sato Piano (THE JUNE JULY AUGUST, opening, MAOW) Jin Terui Drums (PULLING TEETH) Hiroyuki Kazama Drums (nil)

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