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  • iromaki toridori

    Launched in August 2018. The group started as a collaborative unit of Kyoto-based singer fuyuco.(EX-L.A.SQUASH) and guitar duo ZKYKZ. The group became Iromakitoridori with drummer Koudai Muraki as a member. With a baseless formation, they have just embarked on a journey to play music that only the four of them can make, drawing on the musical experience of each of them. The 1st mini album "Sai"(Color) will be released on March 1, 2019. On September 27, 2020, they will release their 2nd CD "Yoru ni Niji wo" (Rainbow in the Night). Released 3rd CD "Yume ka Maboroshi"(Dream or Phantom) on March 18, 2023. Based in Kyoto, Japan, he is energetically active.

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