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  • SAK.

    SAK. (pronounced Sak or Saku, born February 5) is a Japanese singer, backing vocalist, and songwriter. She grew up in suburban Tokyo and started singing R&B and Pop in her early teens, inspired by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. After graduating from Keio University she began her career as a singer. In 2010, she participated in the compilation album "Soul Over the Race Vol.1", released by Sweet Soul Records, a Tokyo-based label. She recorded the song "Somebody Else's Guy" (Jocelyn Brown cover), which became one of her most-played tracks up to the present. In the same year, she released her 1st independent solo album "Gift of Love", in which all songs were composed and written by herself. In 2011, she began working specifically for video game music. She is known as a singer for some video games such as "Shometsu Toshi", "Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune" series (all songs composed by Yuzo Koshiro), "Monster Strike", "FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH" and more. In 2021, she participated in Sound Horizon's Blu-ray album "Ema Ni Negai Wo" and performed on its concert tour playing the role of Nami Izaka. Her father is a classical pianist. She majored in Japanese art history at the university. She is a Christian.

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