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Recording Musicians :

Lead & Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Tambourine, Shaker, Programming : Takui Nakajima
Bass : Hama Okamoto (OKAMOTO'S)
Drums : SHINGO (ex.THE TERROR'S 666 / ex. JURASSIC)
Rhodes, Organ, Electric Piano : Ryohei Arahata
Recording & Mix Engineer : Osamu Nakamura
Cover Design : Spincool DJ

Zhuo Wei said, ``I generously expressed everything I learned while writing songs for Hello Project.''
That disco number. This is the first time a four-on-the-floor dance number has been released as a single since their debut song "Triangle."
The influence of CLUB MUSIC can be seen in the way the same chord progression becomes a riff, modulates the key, and then returns smoothly.
The bassist is Hama Okamoto of OKAMOTO'S. I admire his bass attack, groove, and crisp phrases in the outro.

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