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The group combines the essence of urban Western and Japanese music with female bilingual vocals of colorful voices. LOTTER LOVE is "a story of sweet irony and rustless passion.

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  • Lotta Love

    In 2017, salon model Maiko Unuma " Maiko Unuma " ( Vocal ) and VJ/video artist and Spanish quarter Hiroki Kokubo " Hiroki Kokubo " ( Guitar, Programming ) joined forces to create " ALT POP, They formed Electro Pop Group based on "Alternative, New Wave". Lotta Love is a group that mixes alt pop (alternative), post rock, R&B, and grunge, adding the essence of new, nostalgic, urban western and Japanese music, and combining bilingual female vocals with colorful voices. Lotta Love is "a story of sweet irony and rustless passion". Twitter : Instagram : YouTube : Facebook : coming soon!!

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