Dawn Color Crosswalk Two

  1. Momentary Quality
  2. Time When Cheek Approaches
  3. Clearing Mind 3
  4. Sure You
  5. Perfect Score only Tomorrow
  7. Volume:Future Group Draws Past Group
  8. Treetop Hachimangu Shrine
  9. My Body Floats in the Wind
  10. Legendary City
  11. Premonition of Dance
  12. Clearing Mind 4
  13. Wonderful Choice
  14. Is it still, Earthling.
  15. Maron and Romance
  16. Espresso Autumn
  18. Breakthrough of New Species
  19. Awesome Document
  20. Emotional Conversation
  21. POPiPOP ~Pop the Corn in a Pop Cinema~
  22. The Reminiscence Bus
  23. of June.
  24. Not Reached song 2

Dazzling and melodic, and huge! To you now, the transparent and small-grained masterpiece movement work by Tochikagami, which draws out sweet and cool feelings like the dawn.
On the bonus track, undistributed pop songs are placed softly, and love songs that look to the best of the future as a standard for lasting future are crowded at the end! It is a trilogy that serves as a barometer to keep loving music in order to enjoy a wide variety of tonal dramatic worlds newly woven by Totikagami in a compact and expansive way! By all means! Please purchase at this opportunity!


View of the eyes of the heart. The album "RED DATA SONG BOOK" is now on sale! June 25, 2016, compilation CD "SOUNDJAM 2016" released! In 2020, the "Dawn Color Crosswalk" trilogy has been released!

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