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Not so long ago, animals and
nature were close friends. However, when they could no longer coexist, they were driven to the brink of extinction as pests. In any era, minorities, both people and animals, suffer. When I traveled to China some 30 years ago, I saw ethnic
minorities in towns worn bright, colorful national costumes.
When I took a photo of myself standing shoulder to shoulder with them, I realized that " race doesn't matter, we're all fellow human beings", the photo says, smiling even now. When I visited a Hui temple, they
welcomed me with sweet fried bread. There were no unpleasant expressions, and all ethnic groups were simple and frugal. The persecution of ethnic minorities is unacceptable. Even though it only happened 30 years ago, it feels like a very long time ago. Times have changed. I miss those red, blue, and yellow ethnic outfits.